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Love Is Love' a love story like every other, and like no other opens December 4

Sa mundong ito, iba't ba ang kwento at klase ng pag-ibig. 'Love Is Love' a love story like every other, and like no other. The film features an amazing cast of stars lead by JC de Vera, Roxanne Barcelo, Raymond Bagatsing, Jay Manalo, Marco Alacaraz, Rufa Mae Quinto, and Neil Coleta, Directed by GB Sampedro and written by Cel Santiago.

'Love Is Love' follows the story of a young man, played by JC, who will fall in love with a transgender woman, portrayed by Roxanne.

Childhood friends, ANTON De MONTEVERDE (JC DeVera) and ANTON GUERRERO (Neil Coleta) vow to stay friends forever even if fate would draw them apart. True enough, when Wacko’s family migrated to Japan, the bond between them remains intact. After more than 15 years of separation, ANTON, now a successful leadership speaker is excited to be reunited with his childhood bestfriend.

However instead meeting of Wacko at the airport, he meets the beautiful but outlandish woman, WINONA VALENCIO (Roxanne Barcelo), who happens to be Wacko’s fiancée!  Skeptical that Wacko would fall in love with a woman like Winona, Anton is forced to deal with her eccentricities and soon is shocked to find himself in his bff’s shoes! Anton realizes that Winona is the woman destined to end his “auto-pilot” kind of life, boring nightlife gimmicks and insignificant affairs. Winona is destined to become his greatest love!

Use the hastags #LoveIsLoveTheMovie #LoveIsLoveTheMovie2019 to join the online conversation. Love is Love opens in Philippine Cinemas December 4, 2019.

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