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The Action-packed Anime Film “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” opens in SM Cinemas on January 30.

Super the Movie Begins ––

The legendary comic Dragon Ball began in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1984, and over a period of ten and a half years, became a franchise comprising television anime, video games, collectible cards popular not only in Japan, but all over the world. That popularity has shown no signs of slowing. In 2013, Dragon Ball Z The Battle of Gods became the first movie release in 17 years, followed shortly thereafter by Dragon Ball Z Resurrection ‘F’ and both were smash box office hits.

In 2015, Dragon Ball Super began its broadcast, based on a plot outline by the manga’s original creator, Akira Toriyama. Following Goku and his friends after the events of the Majin Buu saga, the vast scale and unorthodox plot twists of the new story captured the hearts of a wide audience, from the adult fans who followed the manga when it was first serialized to the children who were being exposed to Dragon Ball for the first time. Now, following the unpredictable climax of Goku and Frieza fighting together, Dragon Ball Super returns this winter from its bittersweet conclusion with its first movie!

Super Grand Battle: Saiyan vs. Saiyan
This is the 20th Dragon Ball movie. The title chosen for this memorial film is “Broly.” Akira Toriyama himself created a new story for this “strongest Saiyan,” who originally appeared in the films and shocked audiences with his overwhelming power. Director Tatsuya Nagamine created an action storyboard of over 300 pages to illustrate the dimension-bending battle between Broly, whose strength knows no bounds, and Goku and Vegeta, fresh off their participation in the Tournament of Power. The battle between the Saiyans, the strongest warrior clan in the universe, explodes on the screen!

Super Unfolds: The Origins of the History and Fate of the Saiyan Race
Just as Akira Toriyama says, when Goku, Vegeta, and Broly first meet as Saiyans who have traversed completely different fates, the history between the Frieza Force and the Saiyan race is told for the first time. King Vegeta’s scheme, Paragus’s vengefulness, King Cold and Frieza’s devastating power, and Bardock’s decision. The story revisits the past of Goku and the origins of Dragon Ball, and continues with the pursuit of “power” in Super!

Character Introduction

Son Goku (Voice: Masako Nozawa)

A Saiyan raised on Earth who has protected it from many enemies.
His Saiyan name is Kacarrot.
He loves fighting, and the stronger the opponent, the more excited he gets.
Following the Tournament of Power, he discovers there are still many strong fighters in the universe he has yet to encounter, and he trains to pursue a higher level.

Vegeta (Voice: Ryo Horikawa)

A proud Saiyan prince who shares an intense rivalry with Goku.
He was once a cruel and evil warrior, but after fighting with Goku, he gains a good heart.
He trains to beat Goku, but feels threatened by Frieza after he is revived following the Tournament of Power.

Bulma (Voice: Aya Hisakawa)
The first friend that Goku meets.
She searches for the Dragon Balls with Goku and his friends, and and frequently bails them out of trouble.
She is the well-bred daughter of the Capsule Corporation, inventor of the Dragon Radar, and is a genius with machines.
She’s collecting the Dragon Balls in secret from Goku, but for what reason?

Bulla (Daughter of Vegeta and Bulma) – name only

Piccolo (Voice: Toshio Furukawa)

A calm, cool, and solitary fighter who hails from the birthplace of the Dragon Balls, Planet Namek.
He was once an evil demon lord purged from Kami, the guardian of Earth, but after he trains and raises Goku’s son, Gohan, into a fighter, his soul gradually softens.

Beerus (Voice: Koichi Yamadera)
A god of destruction tasked with maintaining balance in the universe.
If he gets into a foul mood, he will destroy any nearby planets or lifeforms.
He meets Goku when he heads to Earth intending to fight the Super Saiyan God, but is subsequently pulled in many directions through Goku’s actions.
He likes to eat tasty things and sleep.

Whis (Voice: Masakazu Morita)
The angelic attendant to Beerus.
He is Beerus’s teacher and the limits of his strength are unknown, but he does not lend his hand in battle as he abides by the principle, “Angels must be impartial.” After Goku and Beerus’s fight, he trains Goku and Vegeta as they seek to get stronger in exchange for delicious food.

Broly (Voice: Bin Shimada)

One of the few remaining survivors of the Saiyan race.
A Saiyan who Goku and Vegeta have never seen. What is his reason for coming to Earth?

Paragus (Voice: Katsuhisa Houki)
One of the few remaining survivors of the Saiyan race and Broly’s father.
What is his reason for coming to Earth with Broly?
He is hiding something in the contraption on his belt.

Frieza (Voice: Ryusei Nakao)

An evil emperor who led invasions all over the universe.
After being defeated by Super Saiyan Goku on Planet Namek, he heads to Earth for vengeance but is killed by Future Trunks.
Evil minions of the Frieza Force revive him, and though his powered-up form is defeated by Goku yet again, by helping Goku in the Tournament of Power, he fulfills a promise and is released from the shackles of hell.
He is constantly plotting his revenge against Goku.

Cheelai (Voice: Nana Mizuki)
A member of the Frieza Force.
Upon being spotted stealing a Galactic Patrol spaceship, she joined the Frieza Force to escape her pursuers.
She has only heard of rumors of Frieza.

Lemo (Voice: Tomokazu Sugita)
A member of the Frieza Force.
A veteran soldier who served in the rear guard for King Cold.
He is a non-combatant, so his only contact with Frieza was seeing him at space stations.

Berryblue (Voice: Kimiko Saito)
An old attendant of Frieza.
She is not afraid to speak her mind even to the tyrannical Frieza.

Kikono (Voice: Masami Kikuchi)
A brilliant scientist employed since the King Cold era.
He invented Scouters, Battle Armor, and the Frieza Force spaceships.

King Cold (Voice: Ryuzaburo Ohtomo)
A great and evil king who subjugates the Saiyans through force. Frieza’s father.
He is the leader of the Cold Force, the predecessor to the Frieza Force.

King Vegeta (Voice: Banjo Ginga)
The king of the Saiyans and Vegeta’s father.
He hates King Cold and Frieza for using the Saiyans like appendages.

Bardock (Voice: Masako Nozawa)
A Saiyan warrior who lives on Planet Vegeta. Biological father of Son Goku (Kacarrot).
The only Saiyan who became aware of Frieza’s scheme.

Gine (Voice: Naoko Watanabe)
Saiyan inhabitant of Planet Vegeta. Biological mother of Son Goku (Kacarrot).
Her mild personality is rare among Saiyans.

Beets (Voice: Takuya Kirimoto)
Saiyan inhabitant of Planet Vegeta.
He is a non-combatant who works at the departure and arrival depots.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is a new legend penned by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, the first film in the new Super series, and the 20th anniversary film. Because of this bounty of importance, the production style of this film can best be summed up in Director Nagamine’s words: “If Goku has undergone an upgrade, then the visuals must be upgraded as well.” If Goku will always love to fight and become stronger, we need to think outside the box and create a contemporary, high quality Dragon Ball worthy of him. In other words, the stronger Goku gets, the harder we must work to express that evolution. The evolution displayed in Dragon Ball Super: Broly is not just a memorial to over 30 years of legendary titles, but also a challenge to depart from the films that came before it. 

A 20th Century Fox presentation, “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” opens in the following cinemas on January 30:  SM North EDSA, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Manila, SM Fairview, SM Sta. Mesa, SM Marikina, SM East Ortigas, SM San Lazaro, SM Southmall, SM Bacoor, SM Cebu, SM Seaside Cebu, SM Iloilo,  SM Cauayan, SM Clark, SM Pampanga, SM Cabanatuan, SM BF, SM Dasmarinas, SM Davao, SM Lanang, SM Cagayan De Oro Downtown, SM Telasbastagan and SM Legazpi. 

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