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"American Made" Movie Review: How Dreams Are Made Depend on How You Manipulate It

"American Made" is a simple story of how an American dream of helping your own country while making a living for your family has become so complicated, so intense, and highly stressful when literally, mountains of money has paved your way to your success (it doesn't even matter if your means are good or bad as well!). The movie has all the glitz and glory of becoming a spy for the government but taking the risks also has its price.

The movie "American Made" is unexpectedly creative, provocative, unpredictable, massive, interestingly engaging, manipulative, and at the same time funny. You can catch Tom Cruise in this movie doing his inner persona and not acting at all. We were like, "...yup! Tom Cruise just enjoys himself in the film!" No drama, no fuss, just pure ordinary Tom Cruise with glimpses of smiles and occasional butt exposures.

The twist and turns of the storytelling are just enjoyable as well as watching Tom Cruise's character bares all the fuzz and crazy government actions to manipulate people, power, events, and several countries! In this movie, money is the center of everything, second is drugs, and third are the government ammunitions --- a crazy look at how war dogs can profit from everything and everybody thinks you are still working for the government and the country that you love most!

"American Made" is said to be based on the true lies taken from the accounts of Barry Seal, the pilot turned delivery boy to a drug cartel turned gun smuggler turned billionaire who was the center of controversy after his untimely death due to a hitman's gunshot. Barrry Seal slowly exposed his accounts in the latter days of his life and how he thinks he has done a great thing to his country, which of course made him billions of cash to stash!

Overall, "American Made" is entertaining, informative, and very timely and significantly important during these times of worldwide political turmoil. A 9 out of 10 movie experience for the enjoyable and thrilling experience while watching Tom Cruise let loose of his usual action-packed acting on the big screen!

"American Made" is distributed by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures. Watch the official movie trailer of  "American Made" below.

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  1. Very nice movie. Being from Arkansas it was very interesting watching this movie and seeing what all really happened. I definitely recommend this movie.


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