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Watch the "Power Rangers (2017)" Full Movie Trailer

We've seen the five first-look posters of the upcoming "Power Rangers (2017)" movie, coming this March 2017 a few weeks ago, now, behold the first movie trailer for the Americanized superhero we loved during our childhood.

In the "Power Rangers (2017)" movie trailer, we can see five different troubled teens with different backgrounds found an amulet for each of them in a remote abandoned area, which gave them special powers. SPECIAL. POWERS. WHAT THE HECK, GUYS!

The story seems like it was nothing like we used to watch on television every Saturday morning. We can also see a Spiderman-thingie scene where all of them experienced changes in their bodies. Best of all, it's like X-men, too, with all that jizz and jazz coming out!

Anyway, below is the official first movie trailer for "Power Rangers (2017)", where I've got mixed emotions really.

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