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"The Girl on the Train" Movie Review

At first, we thought that the new movie from Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures is somehow similar to the last year's Rosamund Pike starrer movie, "Gone Girl", where Rosamund's character Amy faked her death by manipulating the people around her and believing them that she was dead or gone missing just to escape her husband Nick, played by Ben Affleck. Fortunately, the plot and storyline are not similar because we really like how the story goes in the movie "The Girl on the Train" starring Emily Blunt.

"The Girl on the Train" is a psychological thriller melodrama movie which tells the story of three women --- Rachel, Anna, and Megan --- who's lives intertwine with one another. Rachel (Emily Blunt), is the divorced, alcoholic, and jobless woman who rides a train everyday just to check her former husband, Tom (Justin Theroux) and his life with Anna (Rebecca Ferguson), his new wife. Anna and Tom has a child and lives happily together. Their child's nanny is the next-door neighbor Megan (Haley Bennett), who lives with her husband, Scott (Luke Evans). In an unexpected twist of events, when she witnessed something from the train window, and the sudden disappearance of Megan was linked to her, their lives will be shattered by mystery and delusions to search for the truth.

Of all that movies I've seen with Emily Blunt in it, this is so far, her best performance to date. "The Girl on the Train" is simply Emily Blunt's priceless acting treasure. Her outstanding performance as the delusional, alcoholic, and somehow obsessed ex-wife to Justin Theroux's character is just impressive, remarkable, and astounding. It only shows her versatility as an actress that does not stick to only one genre of film. I have seen Emily Blunt doing actions and fighting in battles but her battles here in "The Girl on the Train" is a bit different from the rest. Her struggles are real, along with her acting, it's just great!

Of course, we cannot reveal what has happened in the story because it's all in the twist and we don't want to spoil you from watching the film. But one thing we can only offer is that the movie trailer (below) is quite misleading to something and it's fairly done with great editing as well. Kudos to their movie trailer maker!

Overall, we love how the movie's story goes and with Emily Blunt in it, it's just a 9 out of 10 movie experience to watch. The story is not really simple, it's quite complicated actually, and the use of different everyday things such as a train, could lead to a great complication as well like that of "The Girl on the Train".

Watch the official movie teaser trailer of "The Girl on the Train" below brought to us by Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures. Photo courtesy of United International Pictures. "The Girl on the Train" is still showing in movie theaters, nationwide! Catch it while you can!

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