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New "Power Rangers Movie (2017)" Movie Posters with Zords First-Look Photos

I'm sure all of the 90's kids who have idolized the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on television every Saturday morning will be excited to know that on 2017, the popular TV superheroes for kids will have a remake of the adventure that 90's kids loved on the big screen. Some of the noted Mighty Morphin Power Rangers stars like Amy Jo Johnson (Pink Ranger), David Yost (Blue Ranger), and Jason David Frank (Green, Gold Ranger) rose to fame when the TV series started sometime in 1993.

On 1995, the American TV adaptation of the popular Super Sentai series from Japan, was made into a movie with the same cast and was entitled, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie. I was actually disappointed with the fighting robot back then because they have used a poorly drawn CGI robot in lieu of their destroyed fighting robot. Yes, at some point in the movie, our beloved dinosaur-inspired Mastedon, Pterydactyl, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Sabertooth Tiger were destroyed by the evil Ooze. So, they have search another power to fight the evil Ooze.

Anyway, more than two decades have passed, the popular Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will have a reboot or remake on the big screen, this time with a promise of superbly great CGIs due to technology upgrade from the 90's. From the poorly drawn CGI fighting robots, the Power Rangers robots will now be upgraded and will have a cooler look and will be called Zords and promises a great view of the Zords technology and mechatronics. If those aren't cool enough, then you must see the following movie posters for the first look of "Power Rangers Movie (2017)" Go, Go, Power Rangers! Enjoy! (Photo source: Empire Online).

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