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"Zoom" Talks About the Multi-Dimensional Realities of Storyline

The latest movie offering from Solar Pictures International is the multi-dimensional film "Zoom", which combines animation and live action to tell a solid storyline of how a one's thinking can affect his/her the whole story or picture.

"Zoom" is more of a complication but presented in a fun and interesting way. In the movie, Emma (played by Allison Pill) is a love doll maker, who has many frustrations and insecurities in life. In her free time, she creates a graphic novel / comic book about a filmmaker named Edward with "huge" problem about his endowment. Edward (played by Gael Garcia Bernal) is designed by Emma to be the perfect man --- a ladies' man, an ambitious director, charming, handsome, and sexy --- until she makes her Edward's endowment dramatically shrink overnight.

The director is making a film about a Brazilian model named Michelle (played by Mariana Ximenes) who is a frustrated novelist. One day, she showed her unfinished novel to a respected publisher and encourages her to finish her work. Michelle is writing a story about Emma, a love doll maker with many frustrations and insecurities.

The movie also stars Beverly Hills 90210 alumni, Jason Priestly, who seems to not getting any older!

"Zoom" is not your typical six-degrees of separation storyline because everything does not really happened under the six-degrees of separation rule. The whole plot happened in a story within a story within a story, which is a rollercoaster ride of events to crazy movie ideas. But I think the whole movie formula simply works just by reading the plot above.

"Zoom" presents an interesting flow of characters and storyline. If you are going to watch a film this week, be sure to include "Zoom" on your movies to watch list. "Zoom" is showing this August 3, 2016! Below is the movie trailer for "Zoom" from Solar Pictures International! Enjoy!

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