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"Trolls" Movie in the Works starring Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick

DreamWorks Animation has gotten the rights to finally make a movie about the worldwide toy phenomenon, "Trolls" that will feature the history of it's hair-raising, colorful adventure. But this will not be just an animated movie. "Trolls" will be a comedy musical animation adventure that is set to be shown next year!

The Story of "Trolls"

The "Troll" dolls phenomenon originated sometime in the winter of 1959 when Danish fisherman and woodcutter Thomas Dam, who was too poor to afford a Christmas present for his young daughter Lajla, carved a doll for her, which he based on the legendary Scandinavian troll. The Troll dolls underwent several changes after that, even the hair color and have bigger eyes. And as they say in the books, the rest is history!

And because of the kind of movie genre being a musical-animated movie, DreamWorks Animation has asked the services of Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect 2, The Last 5 Years) and Justin Timberlake (Runner, Runner, The Social Network) to lend their singing and speaking voices in the upcoming movie! Both Timberlake and Kendrick are professional singers and actors who have done different roles in drama, comedy, and even musical.

Justin Timberlake will play the role of Branch, a hilariously hardcore survivalist who hides his surprising true colors, while Anna Kendrick is going to play the role of Poppy, the relentlessly upbeat princess in next year's most anticipated comedy-musical animated adventure.

The movie "Trolls" is said to be directed by Mike Mitchell and to be produced by Gina Shay, who worked both on "Shrek Forever After" movie, also from DreamWorks Animation.

"Trolls" is slated to a November 4, 2016 showing, so it is going to be a long wait from this day before this movie will be shown! And no, this is not an Internet trolling activity! This is really happening! Until then!

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