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“The Green Inferno” Movie Review: Scary and Thrilling But Lacks in Horror

The new movie from acclaimed horror-thriller director, Eli Roth will not just literally move you from your seat as you watch it, but will also leave you in awe. If you are into traditional horror movie genre, where there are blood-splattering happening, then I guess this film is for you!

But just a warning, this movie is not for the weak of heart!

The Green Inferno” tells a modern-day tale of cannibalism in a remote Peruvian forest. In a quest to change the course of action in the virgin forest, a group of environmental activists and advocates went to the heart of the action and turned to social media to stop the deforestation movement of a private company. This environmental move by the advocates went successful that they somehow stopped the deforestation, but this was just only a tip of the iceberg. The real action happened when an unfortunate accident went overboard. And as they say, the rest of the horror is history.

The movie Green Inferno” actually reminded me of that 1980's horror-thriller, “Cannibal Holocaust”. During that time, the movie is said to be a “revolutionary” film because it changed the way horror movies were delivered. I have watched the “Cannibal Holocaust” when I was younger, and I must say, it really made a mark of horror inside my head. The visual images of the film looked so real, scary, and thrilling. However, “The Green Inferno” somehow lacks all of these aspects in the film itself as compared to the previously mentioned film with the same plot, but I am not saying the movie is not scary at all.

Eli Roth could have made an intelligent movie by infusing a modern twist to the traditional horror-thriller movie genre, but of course, there will always be a comparison to another movie with the same plot, especially when this “twist” only made confusion rather than help the entire film.

But Eli Roth brought back that goriness and blood-thirst that should be in a horror-thriller film, which is nice to point out and should be the saving grace of the film. Overall, the “Green Infernomovie is entertaining to watch for some different kind of horror movie genre lover.

We give “The Green Inferno” a 7 out of 10 stars for bringing out the horror entertainment value that was a little bit scary, thrilling, and exciting to watch.

The Green Inferno (2015)

Our ratings: ★★★★★★★

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