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"Everest" Movie Review

The most daring and dangerous climb in the history of mountaineering in Earth's highest peak, the Mount Everest, has never been so dramatic, so thrilling, and so real in a movie as Universal Pictures unfolded the true events that happened some 14 years ago that resulted in a tragedy and lost of lives.

The "Everest" movie is not as big as the tragedy that was "Titanic" but its effect on people and to the moviegoers who will watch or have watched the film may have the same effect and feel as watching the "Titanic" movie. I felt the unforgettable moments of each character as the actions took place while climbing up and going down the steep mountain slopes. I also felt the sadness of the film towards the end.

The environment looks so real, although we already know that some of the effects were made digitally. The avalanche effects and its accommodating trembling sound effects are hyper-realistic. It only means that the technical aspects of the film were executed beautifully and perfectly as well.

They may have some dull moments in some parts of the movie, but the real action happened when the mountaineers reached the highest point of "Everest". This may be the turning point of the film and not the insulin-problem of Jake Gyllenhaal's character.

The "Everest" movie actually teaches us to follow our dreams and reach for the top (well... literally!), to persevere for our desire to reach the top, and to work hard for our dreams as we reach the summit. In the end, when we finally reached the peak, we can only look at the horizon, stay there for a while, and perhaps enjoy the scene and savor the moment. All of these things we do as we keep our feet on the ground. I cannot say though the way to go down because that will be another story.

Anyway, the movie "Everest" is based on the book written by Beck Weathers entitled “Left for Dead: My Journey Home from Everest,” from which the film draws inspiration, as well as the transcript of the final satellite phone conversation between Rob Hall and his wife, Jan Arnold in the accident that happened in 1996 at the Mount Everest's highest peak, so don't expect really a happy ending. It may sound ironic, but I love how the scenes during their death scenes are beautifully executed. I love the cinematography as well as the acting of each star included in this film.

The movie "Everest" is highly recommended for mountaineers because of all the technicalities of climbing. For this film, we are giving 8 out 10 star ratings!

Everest (2015)

Our ratings: ★★★★★★

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