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"The Martian" Gets Second Official Film Poster

A new movie poster for the upcoming sci-fi movie, "The Martian" has recently revealed online and I must say, this new film poster is way better than the first official movie poster of "The Martian" that was very much alike that of the "The Social Network". Below is the official second movie poster for Ridley Scott's movie adaptation of best-selling novel, "The Martian".

*See the first official movie poster of "The Martian" movie here.

* See the film poster of "The Social Network" here.

"The Martian" movie starring Matt Damon is coming this September 30, 2015 in 3D. Directed by Ridley Scott, from 20th Century Fox.

*Watch the second official movie trailer of "The Martian" starring Matt Damon here.

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