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Movie Review: You're My Boss

After the stellar box office success of "That Thing Called Tadhana" by Antoinette Jadaone, comes another film from the same director starring Coco Martin (Pong) and Toni Gonzaga (Georgina). "You're My Boss" is a film with a plot that would remind you of films that you probably seen before where an ordinary kind- hearted guy has a hellish boss and suddenly an unlikely event turns everything around. "You're My Boss" is a light rom-com movie that would probably give you a good laugh and enough kilig-moment.

Watch the Full Official Trailer of "You're My Boss" starring Coco Martin and Toni Gonzaga!

"You're My Boss" is a film with striking similarities with the cinematic attack of "That Thing Called Tadhana" it features a nostalgic song, a series of broken-hearted conversations (something that reminded me a little of "A Fault in our Stars"), and a comedic humor currently being popularized by Vice Ganda. The film has its charm, there are some "kilig-moments" and Batanes was totally breath-taking. Perhaps, the Coco-Toni loveteam/pairing is not a very organic one. The movie could be better if Toni was paired with (John Lloyd or Vhong) even if Coco seems to pull-off some of the comedic dialogues he is probably better in his strong and compelling drama roles. Probably Coco would be better in future comedy roles since this is one of his first rom-com movie that required him to deliver countless comedic lines.

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The film is a bit predictable nonetheless enjoyable. I admire how Antoinette Jadaone tries to promote local tourism and some of the best island destinations in our country. In this particular film Batanes was the setting where the relationship of Pong and Georgina flourished. There have been some noticeable annoying product placements/advertisements within the movie (I'm not a big fan of it).

YOU'RE MY BOSS in cinemas April 4, 2015
Starring Toni Gonzaga and Coco Martin
Directed by Antoinette Jadaone

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