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Sinag Maynila Independent Film Festival 2015

Sinag Maynila, the latest independent film festival spearheaded by Solar Entertainment Corporation together with world-renowned director Brillante Mendoza, will happen from March 18-24, 2015, at selected SM cinemas.

With its tagline, "Pelikulang Pinoy, Pusong Pinoy", Sinag Maynila features some of the best directors in the country.

This year's Sinag Maynila Independent Film Festival 2015 entries are:

1. BALUT COUNTRY (directed by Paul Sta. Ana)
Cast: Rocco Nacino, Ronnie Quizon, Vincent Magbanua, Angela Cortez, and Ms. Nanette Inventor.

Jun, an heir to the duck farm left to him by his late father, must decide between selling the property to secure a future with his partner, or sparing the family of the land’s loyal caretakers of inevitable displacement.

2. BAMBANTI (directed by Zig Dulay)
Cast: Alessandra de Rossi, Shamaine Buencamino, Julio Diaz, Delphine Buencamino, Lui Manansala, Erlinda Villalobos, Celio Aquino, Kiki Baento, Abegail Edillo, and Micko Laurente.

The search for a missing watch instigates the painful quest for the truth in Belyn’s and her son’s life.

3. IMBISIBOL (directed by Lawrence Fajardo)
Cast: Allen Dizon, Ces Quesada, Bernardo Bernardo, and JM de Guzman. Also starring JC Santos, Onyl Torres, Angelina Kanapi, Fred Lo, Naoki Takai, Shinepi Suzuki, May Alleman, Kaz Sawamura, Masaharu Iwamoto, Oyee Barro, Ms. Cynthia Luster and Mr. Ricky Davao.

The film follows the lives of four Filipino migrant workers in Japan - Linda, Benjie, Manuel and Rodel - who, amidst their individual struggles, are suddenly caught together in an even more complex game of hide and seek where staying invisible is the only way to survive.

4. NINJA PARTY (directed by Jim Libiran)
Cast: Odette Khan, Annicka Dolonius, Julz Savard, Bea Galvez, and Elora Espano.Also starring Teresa Loyzaga, Dennis Marasigan, Japo Parceo, Mariz Reyes

Top female students of an elite Catholic high school discover their identities and sexualities amidst clashing values. Conflicts between themselves, their families, and their school forces them to grow up and grow in friendship. They face slut­-shaming when a rumor spreads about their participation in a secret orgy.

5. SWAP (directed by Remton Zuasola)
Cast: Dionne Monsanto, Matt Daclan, Mon Confiado, RK Bagatsing, Jess Mendoza, and Ligaya Rabago

A young father is torn between solving a crime and committing another crime when one day his only son is kidnapped and the criminals demand him to steal another kid in exchange for the life of his son.

Let’s show our support to local independent cinema and watch these films!

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