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"Paddington" Movie Review: A Movie That Exceeds Our Expectations

The movie "Paddington" is about the big adventures of a little bear from Peru as he finds a home for himself in the big city of London. The movie is set to have different voice actors for each country release, and in this regard, it was Star Magic's Xian Lim who lends his voice to the British-accent, marmalade loving little bear.

"Paddington" was the name given by Mrs. Brown, the lady who insisted to help the little bear find a home, which came from the exact train station where the little was found after getting out of the ship he rode to from Peru. Paddington's adventure begins when he searched for the explorer's whereabouts who came to explore their forest some 40 years ago, during the darkest Peru, in an expedition to find certain species for science. In a series of twists and turns, Paddington finally finds the descendant of the explorer in yet another turn of events. Will Paddington finally finds a home for himself or will he just get into trouble?

The movie "Paddington" really exceeds our expectations to think that it was created mainly for children audiences. Paddington is so adorable and funny, you would really want one to have in your home. At first I thought, during the beginning of the film, the movie is so ridiculous due to talking and marmalade-making bears, but then I realized, I was watching a movie made to challenge the children's imagination, so I moved on and proceeded with watching it.

A few minutes later, we were enjoying the film. The whole cinema and its audience had become affected with Paddington's adventures and misadventures in London. We actually heard some kids crying with affetion during the scene where Paddington has reached the lowest point of his adventure. The movie has become an effective tool to touch different hearts of all ages.

"Paddington" is a heart-warming adventure movie made not just for children alone, but for children of all ages, too. What really gives the movie a more enjoyable experience to watch are tribute scenes to some of the famous action movies and children movies made in the past. Plus the fact that Paddington is so cute and adorable, and oh, the voice of Xian Lim perfectly fits the movie as well. As they say it in Great Britain, the movie is "exquisitely magnificent and tastefully done."

"Paddington" is for children of all ages and can be a perfect pre-Valentine movie date with friends and family. It is showing on February 11, 2015. Below is the official international movie trailer of "Paddington."


  1. This movie is great movie that is funny and enjoyable in every way. I give it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 6 to 15. At times, the humor is “silent humor” and some things are hard to understand but they are funny if you “get” them. It is certainly a great film for the whole family!

    1. we really enjoyed watching the film just as you enjoyed it! thanks for the wonderful comment!


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