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Movie Review: Wild

Inspiring, emotional, and heart-changing, "Wild" has given an intimate perspective of how someone who is looking for answers, found something more valuable. An artistically woven present journey of Cheryl Strayed (Reese Witherspoon) woven with her emotional roller coaster past. The film is a reflective beacon of how to acknowledge the best and worst moments of your life and to keep yourself in one piece after a series of bludgeoning of chance.

Inspirational Best-selling Memoir Adapted In “WILD”

Pacific Crest Trail, America’s wildest through-rail, with its infamous harsh passages, has recently rose to further prominence in the latest Reese Witherspoon starrer – “Wild,” based upon the personal accounts of Cheryl Strayed’s  journey to bring her life back together after losing everything that deeply meant to her.A messed-up woman’s coming of age unfolds in cinemas in “Wild,” produced and starred in by Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon based on Cheryl Strayed’s memoir “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.” 

One of the best points of the film is that it maintains a high projection of realism. Watching "Wild" will take you closer to Cheryl's personal journey as if you are there with her, travelling with her on that trail of acceptance. The pain, sorrow and retribution felt by Cheryl was translated successfully on the film. Her mother Bobbi (Laura Dern) was a very important pillar for the main character of the film. The positive aura of  Laura Dern was perfect for the role of Bobbi who was the light in the life of Cheryl. I admire how their chemistry on screen was a perfect reflection of motherly love.

Academy-Award Nominee Laura Dern in “WILD”

The role of Paul (Thomas Sadoski) is one of the interesting characters in the film. I love how the story progressed and how details on Cheryl and Paul's relationship gets clearer as vignettes from the past were unraveled on Cheryl's memories.

Hiking America's Roughest Trail For 94 Days In “WILD”

Strayed’s experiences became the beating heart of an inspirational, best-selling memoir that was about more than just an inexperienced hiker’s crazy, grueling experience walking from the Mojave Desert to the Pacific Northwest via the rugged Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).  With its mix of punk spirit and vibrant honesty, it also became something rarely seen:  a portrait of a modern, messed-up woman coming-of-age by embracing the call of the wild in her own way.

Breakthrough Cinematic Style in “WILD”

On the trail, Strayed faced down thirst, heat, cold, feral animals and all of  her worst fears, but even more so, she faced up to change:  pushing through to carve her own path out of grief and a haunted past.

Truly, "Wild" is one of the best and memorable performance of Reese Witherspoon.

Journey from Breathtaking Vistas Into The Core of the Human Soul in “WILD”

    “Wild” opens February 4 in cinemas from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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