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(MMFF 2014) "MM.357: To Serve and Protect" Official Movie Poster

The official movie poster of one of this year's entries to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2014 (MMFF 2014), entitled "MM.357: To Serve and Protect" was recently released. The movie poster has an overacting backdrop of fire (probably from an explosion), making it so hurtful in the eyes to see. 

I guess this is just my opinion, but really... I think the overlaying of fire backdrop is really unnecessary. We get it, it's an action film. The gun itself tells us so. And the presence of George Estregan, Jr. in a Christmas festival movie also states a fact that this is an action film, he did it in the previous years with "Asiong Salonga," and "Boy Golden" so, no need to elaborate. That is why the fiery backdrop is not needed, anymore. Hahaha!  

Without seeing the full movie trailer of MM.357: To Serve and Protect, you will know that this movie has Muslims as the central characters. (FYI: the "MM" in the title stands for Magnum Muslim). You can tell just by looking at the movie poster -- the jungle bolo at the side of the title, the Mosque at the upper left corner, and the scarf (Abaya) that Sam Pinto wears -- are all Muslim-related things. I am guessing that this movie will also show some cultural values and way of life of our Muslim brothers. 

Last but not the least, I do hope the "To Serve and Protect" thing included in the movie title will give justice to itself because it is the slogan of the Philippine National Police. Another hint, this movie must be a story about a Muslim police. 'Till next time!  

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