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Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter in "The Woman in Black"

After the much-anticipated raking the worldwide box-office ticket sales of his final adventure movie of Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter in one of the most successful franchises ever made in the history of movies with lengthy sequels, the Harry Potter series, which ended up with the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 movie, Daniel Radcliffe is back with a surprising twist in his movie-acting career! Daniel Radcliffe will play a young lawyer this time, away from his wizardry character of ten years, in the upcoming suspense-horror film, "The Woman in Black".

"The Woman in Black" synopsis/summary/plot

"The Woman in Black" movie is about a young lawyer who travels to a remote mansion to collect a deceased client’s belongings. Upon arriving, the lawyer discovers the mansion’s dark history and finds himself terrorized by a vengeful ghost who threatens the lives of him and his beloved family.

About "The Woman in Black"

"The Woman in Black" is based on a 1983 horror novel by Susan Hill of the same title that was previously adapted into a play that's been running continuously in London for almost 23 years. It is the follow-up movie career of Daniel Radcliffe after portraying the scarred young wizard for almost a decade. The movie is directed by James Watkins, who is known for psychopath thriller movies in the United Kingdom.

In all fairness to the movie trailer of "The Woman in Black", it is very scary, very dark, and something to look forward to if you really love psychopath slash thriller slash horror movies OR perhaps Daniel Radcliffe only on that sense. I like how the movie was presented. Maybe I was into dark, 18th century-ish, psychopathic movie such as this movie. To give you a sneak preview movie trailer of "The Woman in Black", watch the short video below provided by CBS films. Enjoy!

"The Woman in Black" is scheduled to be released in theaters on February 3, 2012. Ooohh.. I can't wait for the showing of this film!

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