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MMFF 2010 Update: Box Office Gross No Longer a Criteria for Best Picture

The Box Office performance is no longer a criteria for judging the Best Picture this coming Metro Manila Film Festival 2010.

This is what the Metro Manila Film Festival committee announced during the media launch of the movie festival which is now on its 36th year last November 18, 2010 at the Club Filipino, Greenhills.

Commercial Viability

"In reponse to the clamor from the movie industry the Executive Committee removed the criteria for commercial viability. The criteria will henceforth be based on artistry, creativity, innovativeness, global appeal and technical excellence from 50% to 70%. And cultural and historical value, which will be increased from 25% to 30%," the new MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino declared.

This means that the eight entries to the MMFF 2010 will now be judged through technical excellence and cultural value only.

The Metro Manila Film Festival is organized and adjudged by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

Past MMFF Criteria

In the past years, the criteria for judging the Best Picture is 50% for commercial viability (box office earnings), 40% for production or technical excellence and 10% for cultural and historical value.

Last February 2010, the executive committee of the MMFF approved a new breakdown of the criteria for Best Picture: 50 percent for artistic and technical merit; 35 percent for box-office earnings; and 15 percent for Filipino cultural values.

Former Tagaytay City Mayor Francis Tolentino was appointed as MMDAChairman last July 27, 2010 replacing interim chairman Oscar Inocentes. This is the first year that Tolentino will be the head of MMFF Executive Committee.

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