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Movie Review: Cinco, What's Your Favorite Cinco Episode?

Which of the five episodes of the Cinco movie shocked you the most? Which of them really makes you hold your breath for one whole minute and makes your heart pound like super lolo?

We watched the movie last Saturday and I was supposed to write a movie review of Cinco. However, every time I try to remember the scenes, I get goose-bumps and chills. So I've decided that instead of writing a pure movie review of Cinco, I will write a movie review combined with a poll.

Cinco Movie Review and Poll

Here's how this movie-review-con-poll goes. I'll enumerate the five episodes of Cinco, identifying the director, the lead star and the plot summary of each episode. And then I'll indicate my most remembered scenes from each of them, the scenes that brought me chills.

Then you have to tell me which Cinco episode is your favorite in the poll below. You can also add your most remembered scenes in the comment section. Ready? Here goes:

Braso Episode

Directed by: Frasco Mortiz
Starring: AJ Perez, Sam Concepcion and Robi Domingo
Plot Summary: Three neophyte fraternity members who are challenged to stay in a morgue in their final initiation.
Most-remembered scene: When the hand grabbed AJ Perez' crotch and the two others try to pull it away while Yeng Constantino's Hawak Kamay plays in the background.

Paa Episode

Directed by: Enrico Santos
Starring: Jodi Sta. Maria-Lacson
Plot Summary: A mother being haunted by a ghost who wants to have revenge on her.
Most-remembered scene: The ghost of the girl is hanging on the roof upside down behind Jodi Sta. Maria-Lacson, then Jodi slowly turns around to find her face almost touching the decaying face of the ghost.

Mata Episode

Directed by: Ato Bautista
Starring: Maja Salvador and Rayver Cruz
Plot Summary: A girlfriend of an ill-tempered guy tries to hide her boyfriend's crime.
Most-remembered scene: Maja and Rayver were in the car talking about the crime. Then Maja saw the man's ghost over the window behind Rayver, then she saw him over her window. Suddenly, the ghost was sitting in Rayver's seat and strangling her.

Mukha Episode

Directed by: Nick Olanka
Starring: Mariel Rodriguez
Plot Summary: A ruthless boss who fires a janitor for a bad photocopy job.
Most-remembered scene: In the elevator, Mariel was alone. She thought there is really no ghost to fear. Then she saw the ghost of the janitor. Mariel was helpless because everywhere she looked, the janitor was there.

Puso Episode

Directed by: Cathy Garcia Molina
Starring: Pokwang and Zanjoe Marudo
Plot Summary: A horror house superstar overused a love potion which lead her to a deadly situation.
Most-remembered scene: Zanjoe's severed hand travels over Pokwang's body onto her face, caressed it. And Pokwang sucks its thumb.

Vote for your favorite Cinco episode?

Note: If you are reading this through RSS, you may not be able to view the poll. Please visit the blog to vote.

Add your favorite and most-remembered scene in the comment section.

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