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KIMERALD Movie "Paano Na Kaya" Teaser Trailer, Synopsis and Cast!

Star Cinema's opening salvo movie for 2010 will be featuring the Philippines' hottest love team, Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu (KIMERALD) in their upcoming movie "Paano Na Kaya". The movie also stars MYX Vj and Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus runner up, Robbie Domingo.

"Paano Na Kaya" Synopsis/Summary/Plot

Paano Na Kaya is the movie rendition of the song of the same title as popularized by Pinoy Dream Academy runner up Bugoy Drilon. If the movie "Paano Na Kaya" will be true to the song's lyrics, then, the movie "Paano Na Kaya" featuring KIMERALD is about bestfriends falling in love with each other.

In the movie, Kim Chiu plays an intelligent Chinese cutie who has a bestfriend since they were young as played by Gerald Anderson. Both of them will fall for each other but never mentioned their feelings to one another because of the fear that they might lose their friendship. And then here comes another man played by Robbie Domingo that will enter and test the love of Kim Chiu's character to Gerald Anderson's character and vice versa. Robbie Domingo plays a third wheel in the KIMERALD relationship.

Below is the movie summary of Paano Na Kaya from http://paanonakaya.starcinema.com.ph/

Mae has always been in love with her best friend, Bogs. He on the other hand, is madly in love with his girlfriend, Anna. Mae is a very good best friend, but this doesn’t make her a very good prospective girlfriend. He never saw her in a romantic light. Mae has to go through college witnessing her best friend’s relationship blossom, and she has no choice but to love Bogs in silence.

Meanwhile. Bogs have always been in and out of relationships. The woman who caught his attention for the longest time is Anna. When Anna broke his heart, Mae then had high hopes that Bogs will romantically notice her. Mae knew how Bogs was with all his relationships. He is always proud, never the one who says sorry first in a fight. As a healing mechanism to his broken heart, he would always resort to having rebound relationships to girls and would retreat at the back of his auto shop to restore cars.

Only Mae knew how Bogs hurt deep down inside. So she willingly put herself in his sight so that he would heal but when Anna comes back— Mae struggles. Will she ever know if he really loved her? Can best friends really become lovers? Can rebound love finally become true love?

Paano Na Kaya Teaser Trailer

Paano Na Kaya Cast Members

Gerald Anderson
Kim Chiu

Introducing Robi Domingo
Ricky Davao
Rio Locsin
Rica Peralejo
Melissa Ricks
Lloyd Samartino
Bart Guingona
Janus del Prado
Empoy Marquez
Alwyn Uytingco
Jon Avila
Guji Lorenzana
Cai Cortez
Timothy Chan
IC Mendoza

and special participation of Ms. ZsaZsa Padilla

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Paano Na Kaya official movie poster!

Paano Na Kaya movie starring Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu is expected to be shown probably on the second or third week of January 2010.

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