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There are times we often found ourselves frustrated with the movies that we have watched. We often feel disappointed, misinformed, heart-broken, torn and sad after seeing a movie one weekend afternoon either in a cinema theater or at home with your rented DVD. Why do you think you felt this way?

The answer to this question and to all of your movie miseries is all plain and very simple! Because you have not yet discovered MovieNews.Me! Yes! MovieNews.Me is your backstage pass access to everything movies — movie trailers, movie reviews, DVD/BluRay reviews, Hollywood news, local movie news, celebrities news, gossips, movie updates, upcoming movies, next attractions, award-giving bodies and other movie information — all packed into one!

We have them here!
Oh yes! We got them covered! From indies to mainstream cinemas, from local to Asian to Hollywood movies, from cinemas to DVD or BluRay releases!!! We also have blogs about cinema experience, movie reviews, soundtracks and archives!!! Who said we don't have inside information? We have different sources and you can find them all here!!!

MovieNews.Me is a new movie news website that aims to give different kinds of information about movies! We have must-read news on must-see movies! So, step aside, relax, click on MovieNews.Me and then see a movie!!! Thanks for coming!
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