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"Cuddle Weather" Movie Review: Not Your Usual Sexy Dramedy Movie

Regal Entertainment's sexy-dramedy (drama-comedy) movie offering for 2019's Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, "Cuddle Weather" takes on the lives of pleasure-giver workers on the streets of Manila formulated with a different kind of twist and ideas and presented in a more exciting and interesting manner. The storytelling and dialogues, not to mention the use of words, are something we haven't seen so far in a typical Filipino independent or mainstream movies. 

RK Bagatsing's (Ram) pop culture reference of senpai and how he delivers his lines are quite unique and fresh. Sue Ramirez' (Adela) character concept on the other hand, is a bit tiresome and cliche. However, the storyline itself is remarkable. I can't think of any movie reference so far which used two prostitutes as their lead characters. Moreover, their on-screen chemistry is quite a hit as well, we love every moment of it!

Both artists are astounding in their performance. Sue Ramirez is an eye candy in the movie --- beautiful, sexy, elegant, and truly an actress in the making. She reminds me of a young Alice Dixson during her Dyesebel days. Those big expressive eyes are a plus in her acting. I can't think of anyone who will play Adela as good as she has done in the movie.

Meanwhile, RK Bagatsing's performance is also something to look forward to. The transformation of his character from an innocent guy to something both tamed and wild is remarkable as well. We've seen RK's performance on TV, that's why we can say that his acting here in this movie is not his usual offering.

The story is not as dragging as most sexy themed movie in the past. Yes, no one will die in the end. Cuddle Weather is something light, sexy, and sometimes relatable. If you have watched the movie, you can think of any person (or even yourself) that would fit something in the lives or situation of both characters. This sexy dramedy is also not your usual type. Of course, you will have to decide for yourself because we did.

If you are mature enough, Cuddle Weather is something you can enjoy watching even if you are alone. But of course, watching this movie with someone to cuddle with (especially when it's raining or cold) is the better option! *wink* 😉😉😉 

For those who did not catch Cuddle Weather on the big screen during the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, you may now watch the movie on Netflix during your Netflix and Chill. We give Cuddle Weather an 8 out 10 movie experience! Enjoy!

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