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"World War Z" Movie Review: A Little Less But Complicated

While browsing Netflix the other night, I saw a familiar movie poster with Brad Pitt on it. It was the 2013 zombie apocalyptic horror genre movie, "World War Z". The movie is loosely based on the novel by Max Brooks entitled World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. Just a little warning, there's a spoiler alert if you haven't watched it yet.

"World War Z" is nothing like some of the popular movies and TV series we've known so far such as Zombieland, Resident Evil, I am Legend, Warm Bodies, or The Walking Dead --- a virus or plague has caused a tremendous effect on humans, making them horrifyingly living dead beings. World War Z's zombies are comparable to those in I Am Legend, the ones that were mutated in a strong living dead being capable of running fast and as strong as ten humans altogether.

And just when you thought that the story has ended when Brad Pitt finally reunited with his family and finally had its well deserved happy ending, a more complicated plot is about to happen. A sequel is already in its post production and is slated to be shown sooner than you think. "World War Z, Part 2" is coming to movie theaters anytime mid-year of 2020 or later.

Anyway, World War Z is much more fun watching on Netflix if traffic and rocketing cinema tickets are your main reasons, but of course, nothing compares to watching a movie together inside a big movie house with a bunch of people screaming and literally jumping out of their seats as zombies hit the big screen.

"World War Z" is much more tamed or a little quiet, a bit dragging at first, and has less laid-back plot. I think, Brad Pitt's character Gerry Lane, has some weak points in his personality for a muscular buffed father such as Brad Pitt himself who were blackmailed in exchange for his family's safety.
If I can describe World War Z using several films, it is more of a "I am Legend," and less of a "Resident Evil," not even close to that, and perhaps with a little bit of "Bourne Identity" series for intense action scenes, adrenaline thrill and excitement, and investigating plots! Hehehe! 

The overall feel of the movie "World War Z" is something that you know there are zombies out there, but as you watch the film, you will know that having zombies on the streets are just the secondary problem. The main goal of the protagonist that is Brad Pitt is to find a cure or perhaps an antidote to prevent the spread of the virus or rabies that infected most of the people, making them an undead (like most zombie apocalyptic movie genres, ugh, as if!). 

The movie might be lacking some dramas despite the zombie-apocalyptic genre. I guess the husband and wife drama reference is just not that very appealing anymore. 

Overall, the movie is 7 out of 10 movie experience. But of course, if there's a sequel, we really can't wait for that to happen! For the meantime, you can watch again "World War Z" on the online streaming service, Netflix. Enjoy!

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