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"Kaibigan" a film by Perkinspiredflix Production opens December 4 in Philippine cinemas

In an age rocked by drugs and a culture in danger of folding to bad influences, rival high school basketball players clash on and off the basketball court because of different lifestyles/values. A tragic event transforms their rivalry into a bond as they discover the meaning of friendship (Kaibigan), faith and the redemption that follows.

Kaibigan is a Perkinspiredflix Production, directed by Cesar Montano with actors Stephen Baldwin and Cesar Montano. Kaibigan also introduces the Perkins Twins (Jesse Perkins and Christian Perkins). Also starring Tirso Cruz, Boots Anson-Roa, Lani Mercado, Jean Garcia, Alvin Anson, Emmanuelle Vera, Anjo Damiles, Janina Vela, Danica Ontengco, Carla Martinez, Bani Baldisseri, Archie Adamos, Johnny Dagami and more!

David Santos (Jesse Perkins) is a popular student from National High and the star of the championship basketball team. His world gets complicated when he discovers rival competing high school basketball player Jake Anderson (Christian Perkins) is seriously wounded from a drunk driving car accident. David struggles with his faith as Jake fights his worldly influences. An overprotective father, Ed Santos (Tirso Cruz) always preaching to David only makes matters worse as David feels alone. Jake fights to escape his dark past and persistent pursuit by bad friends, while angry at his father, John Anderson (Stephen Baldwin) who is estranged from his wife and has little time for Jake. National High School Guidance Counselor Mr. Soriano (Cesar Montano), who himself has an unknown past, acts as an advisor to both boys.

“Love God. Love one another. Be a real friend. Do the right thing.” John 13:34

Use the hashtag #KaibiganMovie to join the online conversation. Kaibigan opens in Philippine cinemas December 4, 2019.

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