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Donnalyn Bartolome and Ella Cruz Star in Viva Films' Thriller-Suspense Movie, "Cry No Fear"

Photos courtesy of Viva Films Facebook Page
After the success of their "not a love story" movie Sid and Aya, Viva Films returns on the big screen with a teen thriller/suspense drama, "Cry No Fear" starring Donnalyn Bartolome and Ella Cruz. Ella and Donnalyn play stepsisters and archenemies but must find a way to settle their differences in order to survive.

About "Cry No Fear"

"Cry No Fear" explores the sibling rivalries genre of stepsisters Kaycee (Donnalyn Bartolome) and Wendy (Ella Cruz) presented in a suspense-thriller film. The stepsisters totally hate each other and are always at each other’s throat. But when they are left alone in their house amidst a storm, with intruders trying to kill them, they have no choice but to become partners and try to escape and survive.

"Cry No Fear" is a movie under the helm of director Richard V. Somes produced by Viva Films. It is set to give suspense/thriller emotions coming this June 20, 2018 in movie theaters near you! Below is the official movie trailer for "Cry No Fear" starring Donnalyn Bartolome and Ella Cruz.

Please visit the Viva Films Facebook Page for more photos and details of the said film. Enjoy!

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