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"Ready Player One" Movie Review: Massive, Nostalgic, Great!

Steven Spielberg's latest cinematic masterpiece tribute to massive pop culture references --- from different movie genres, video games, and animation --- is so big, more than two hours of screening is never enough! "Ready Player One" is all set and ready to go on the big screen coming this March 31 in movie theaters near you!

The "Ready Player One" Cinematic Universe may not be as big as the upcoming "Infinity War" but heck, by just seeing on the big screen your different favorite characters from your most loved video games and animation as you grow up in one big virtual animated cum live action movie such as this one and seeing them fight all at the same time in an attempt to save OASIS is a virtual Nirvana to everyone who also like me, experienced a nostalgic moment while watching the film.

It's like being a child once again. And oh, not to mention the supercool human and avatar characters that every moviegoers can relate to!

From the storyline, the 3D animation, the iMAX immersion magic, the virtual feels, the exciting fight scenes, the mysteries involved, and the unexpected twists and surprise appearances towards the ending, "Ready Player One" will take your pre-watching anticipation to an even higher notch and will leave the cinema grinning and smiling with your widest smile, and leave the cinema happy, talking about memories, and other nostalgic stuff, etcetera, etcetera. These I promised you when you watch it this coming March 31!

"Ready Player One" is one epic combo of superb CGI, massive pop culture nostalgia, and great storyline! Steven Spielberg's on-screen movie adaptation of the novel by Ernest Cline is stunningly impressive as if movie-goers are in an immersive environment. 

A certified-fresh movie! Definitely, this is one of the best 3D iMax movie experiences we ever have this 2018 so far! A perfect 10 out of 10 movie experience! See "Ready Player One" full movie trailer below. Enjoy!

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