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"Dunkirk" Movie Review: Unexpectedly a Great War Movie Masterpiece

"Dunkirk" takes us to a world of loud minimalism where master craftsman director and screenwriter, Christopher Nolan showed us a different kind of war movie genre that we haven't experienced before.

The movie takes us to an immersive environment where the action is needed to be, whether on land, on sea, or up in the air, you'll enjoy every moment of the film. The trembling sounds of bomb explosions and thundering sound of fighter planes are to die for and an anticipation indeed. Thanks to the iMax experience, this movie is beyond expectations!

It may have been hard for us hearing and understanding the full British accent, but that's forgivable because everything that lacks in communication were given focused in the production settings, acting, and storyline. Also, the Hans Zimmer musical scoring did the rest of melodramatizing the whole movie. The rescue part is heartfelt and indeed, a one great moment in history. 

Dunkirk only proves that anyone can make a testosterone filled, with no woman cast at all, movie yet it can make us cry and become nostalgic once in a while. A 9 out of 10 movie experience. A must see on iMax theaters.

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