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"Life" (2017) Movie Review: An Equally Scary Alien Movie

"Life" is a new alien movie to watch this weekend because of its edginess and capability to scare moviegoers to a whole new level. Alien movies are supposed to be the next level of  horror film genres as it discusses a possible threat to our future, and the "Life" movie starring Jake Gyllenhall, Rebecca Ferguson, and Ryan Reynolds has reached our expectations in delivering a whole new level of scare.

The movie "Life" is not part of any Ridley Scott "Alien" movie franchise but its ability to scare using an alien life form in the form of "Calvin" is what makes it unique and edgy as well. "Calvin" at some point in the movie is just an innocent looking one-cell organism until it learned to survive by sucking in blood and oxygen into a host creature, and this is where the threat begins.

What we like about "Life" movie is its minimalist cast and its use of present technologies in its script such as the space research, live streaming in outer space, and all that science stuff you need to know in a space science fiction of some sort. 

I'm sure alien movies and sci-fi movie fans out there will also love "Life" as it will also give them the adrenaline to literally gasp for air as the alien scares you while it sucks life out of its preferred host. There are intense scenes as well. And oh, you should not worry about Ryan Reynolds becoming dead because his "Deadpool" anyway. Hahaha!

Overall, "Life" movie is an 8 out of 10 movie experience for its great casting, scientifically relatable space research facts, edginess in giving a whole new alien movie experience, and thrilling twist towards the ending. Be sure to watch it this weekend! 

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