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"CHiPs" (2017) Movie Review: Funniest R-Rated Comedy Film This Year!

While most fans out there are sulking about the movie adaptation of the late 1970's American family television series "CHiPs", there are others who rejoice and laugh their hearts out while watching this film. "CHiPs" stars Dax Shepard and Michael Pena, who are very unlikely as a tandem but the chemistry of these two simply works on the big screen. You just have to endure some R-rated scenes, but what the heck, some moviegoers watch to entertain themselves and I think, watching "CHiPs" will surely make you stress-free and goes out of the movie houses smiling or still laughing.

"CHiPs" (2017) movie is a loosely-based big screen adaptation to what were enjoyed by our parents while they were younger. This generation's "CHiPs" is something that is upgraded and adapted to what might be happening right now in the downtown California. The movie started with a disclaimer that the movie was not endorsed in anyway, by the California High Patrol Group, so I guess, this what makes it unique in having its own trademark.

"CHiPs" (2017) movie, in my opinion, is the funniest men in uniform comedy since the "White Chicks" era. When it comes to being an R-rated comedy, it is next to "Sausage Party",  which is equally funny as hell. We can say that this is Michael Pena's greatest movie moment ever since the "Ant--Man"!

On the other hand, we like how "CHiPs" is not just about being on the highway of California patrolling and giving speeding tickets and chasing highway criminals as well. The movie also tackles failed marriage, sex addiction, and some other adult-related issues that at some point unnecessary but funny as well.

Overall, we find "CHiPs" (2017) movie funny, if not, the funniest R-rated comedy film to date. It's sexy, action-packed, and enticing to watch as well. Its movie trailer has not revealed much about the movie, which is good for moviegoers with a lot of expectations. We highly recommend the movie for its action scenes and funny Michael Pena movie moments.We give "CHiPs" movie a 9 out of 10 movie experience for the said aforementioned reasons. Catch "CHiPs" this weekend for a tickle your funny bone movie experience you shouldn't miss! Enjoy!

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