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"Arrival" Movie Review: Scary, Heart-pounding, and Weird (in a good way!)

We had a chance to watch the special screening of the upcoming alien-invasion movie "Arrival" starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker. All we can say is that we were awed by the greatness and weirdness of this film, definitely one of the best! "Arrival" is not your ordinary alien invasion film --- it is an intelligently executed movie that you will think about what will happen next in every scene.

We liked how "Arrival" is not a cliche alien movie. As we watched the film, we already know that there is an alien in the movie, yet we did not know what these aliens are going to do with human characters, and that what makes it more intriguing and more engaging, and more heart-pounding to watch. This I promise to all who will watch "Arrival" when it comes out next week, you will never know what comes next in every scene, and oh be ready for a surprising twist!

The feeling while watching "Arrival" is similar to the feeling I had while watching the Korean movie "The Flu" but on a different level. We know that there is a tension coming, and alien invasion is really a big deal to Hollywood, but it felt like the movie's plot is really happening or can happen in the near future, and that's what makes it also a powerful film to date.

Overall, "Arrival" has entertained us in such a way that the movie is surreal and it can movie people' emotions as well. We were thrilled, scared, intrigued, and awed at the same time that we love the movie so much, it deserves to win an Oscar! Amy Adams' calm nature yet tense character will really make this movie a winner in the box office! Watch "Arrival" next week and see for yourself!

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