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"Sausage Party" Movie Review: Pun-ny, Hilarious, Definitely Not for Kids!

"Sausage Party" movie from Columbia Pictures is the center of controversy these days due to its mature content and pun intended comedy theme presented in a very humorous way. When we watched it on a special preview, we were just laughing and giggling and laughing again the whole time as we also listen to the American humor comedy this movie has to offer. It has a racist thing theme, sometimes offensive, sometimes sexist, with lots of symbolism, and lots of puns intended for mature and open-minded audiences only. You'll definitely laugh with this movie, that's what I can guarantee, but of course, with the movie's theme, this is definitely not for kids!

The movie's title, "Sausage Party" would suggest that this movie is funny and hilarious as if there's a party going on in every scene. Well... this one's making a rage party on its own. All I can say is that, I have never seen any movie like the "Sausage Party" that is soooo offensive, soooo racist, with soooo much sex references, yet soooo funny and hilarious the way this movie is presented. This is definitely one of the most intelligent animation films ever made when we talk about bringing out all the laughs in you, "Sausage Party" is definitely a killer for laughs!

"Sausage Party" is also surprising, shocking, arousing, and outrageous if the previous adjectives were not enough to describe the movie experience we had.

In the Philippines, "Sausage Party" is going to be shown in movie theaters, nationwide, approved without cuts and with an R-18 rating, meaning, only a few cinemas will cater its premiere coming this September 28, 2016.

Overall, we give "Sausage Party" a 10 out of 10 movie experience for unexplainable laughs we had and funny antics that we experienced while watching the film. It's definitely a must-watch and must-see, we simply love every inch of the film! If you happen to stay towards the end, there's just a warning scene that you definitely cannot unsee! Finally, just enjoy the film when you watch it on September 28. "Sausage Party" is brought to us Columbia Pictures. Below is the full movie trailer for "Sausage Party". Enjoy!

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