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"Morgan" Movie Review: Ferocious Sci-Fi-Action Thriller!

In the midst of controversy on human genes alteration to make superhuman weapons probably for anti-terrorism use, there are still movie producers out there that tackles this kind of topic in their film projects one of which is acclaimed movie director and producer Ridley Scott, known for his different science fiction films such the Alien series franchise, Prometheus, and The Martian. His latest addition to his list of sci-fi genre movies is the controversial, action-thriller film, "Morgan".

"Morgan" stars Kate Mara as Lee, a company-hired risk management consultant that will investigate and evaluate a terrifying incident during an attack by Morgan (played by Anya Taylor-Joy) with its handler. Morgan, on the other hand, is an "it (no gender)" species that was a successful project by a group of scientists until that fateful incident. They thought Morgan is the perfect human gene alteration project outcome until it turned its will against them.

In a more compelling twist, "Morgan" can be the Messiah or perhaps the origin of all origins of the movie with the same megaplot --- a superhuman project-who-turned-spy-slash-weapon for anti-terrorism. Some may find the movie boring for how it is made and the location perhaps is not really helping the mood of the film, but the overall feel of the movie is based on the plot itself and how it is well-executed, well-planned, and well-organized as well.

In totality, "Morgan" is like a piece of chunk of puzzle from a bigger picture. We can expect a sequel for the movie due to its exciting twist towards the end. "Morgan" is released by 20th Century Fox Philippines and distributed by Warner Bros. Below is the full movie trailer of "Morgan". Still showing in Philippine movie theaters, nationwide!

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