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"Bridget Jones' Baby" Movie Review: An Unforgettable Conclusion You Shouldn't Miss!

We all loved Bridget Jones and her ubiquitous diary during the past decade and now that she comes back on the big screen after 10 years or so, Bridget Jones is now ready to take the centerstage on transforming herself into a real woman by being pregnant and become a mother. But the real question is, who's the father of her child --- the old flame, Mark Darcy or the new fling, Jack Quant?

"Bridget Jones' Baby" is the perfect comeback movie for Renee Zellweger after a long hiatus from making movies. For the longest time, we all miss Renee Zellweger and doing "Bridget Jones" is really the right choice for a major comeback! Fans also surely miss her screen chemistry with Colin Firth. In this third installment and probably the concluding chapter to the Bridget Jones' story franchise, they have included Patrick Dempsey in the picture to spice up the story and add a new a twist to the original storyline. Some of the characters also present in the film reprise their respective roles as well.

What's the best thing about watching "Bridget Jones' Baby" is that the movie team sticks to the character and the storyline was never compromised despite the addition of new character. In fact, Patrick Demsey not just glamorized the screen, he is also hilarious and charming.

The story is really simple and up-to-date to what's happening in the world such as equal rights to LGBT community, single motherhood, yoga, and social media punks among other things. Towards the end, we all know that Bridget Jones will end up living her happily ever after, but with who?

Overall, the "Bridget Jones' Baby" movie is a perfect, must-see conclusion to all "Bridget Jones" fans and romcom lovers out there! It's entertaining, wacky, funny, witty, and relatable as well.

The long wait is finally over and it all ends, or maybe not, with a cliffhanger towards the end. So, who's the father of Bridget Jones' child? Find out on September 14, 2016 when "Bridget Jones' Baby" comes to movie theaters nearest you! A 9 out of 10 movie experience for bringing out the joy and laughter and the excitement that was "Bridget Jones".

For now, let's all enjoy to the full movie trailer of "Bridget Jones' Baby" below. This movie is brought to us United International Pictures released through Columbia Pictures Philippines.

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