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"Nerve" Movie Review: A Whole New Social Media Movie Experience

What would you do if you enter in a social media "dare game"? Are you just going to be a "Watcher" or a "Player"?

"Nerve" is perhaps one of the original movies this season that tackles about the social media fandom of today's youth. But the use of social media in this movie is taken to a higher level for more realistic feel and immersion rather than just typing with 140 characters or posting online using different social media platforms.

"Nerve" is an intelligent film with the feels that of "Big Brother" TV show, where someone or everybody is watching you and the intimate feels of playing "Truth or Dare" minus the "truth" thingie. This movie should be watched by people who are social media addicts or those who love to post anything online to limit their use of this millennial technology.

Emma Roberts' performance is such a closet teenybopper young adult --- strong but shy, silent but loud, and beautiful but a damsel in distress. On the other hand, Dave Franco's performance is a perfect match for Emma Roberts' character. He is outgoing, independent, and a free-spirited soul with hidden agenda. It's always the mystery that puts on the character of a person, and Dave Franco's performance simply nailed it. Acting-wise we can forgive them because Emma Roberts and Dave Franco were such an eye candy in the film.

The story is quite interesting that we got hooked as the movie progresses. There is also this romantic-comedy feels as you watch the film. Aside from these, you can also experience the reality as the audience are immersed into what's happening in the "Nerve" social media dare game as the dares come to different levels of difficulty.

Overall, "Nerve" gave us the right entertainment for something new and different but is familiar to everyone else. It has levels of intensity, drama, excitement, and mixed feelings that every moviegoers love, just like what we did! An 8 out of 10 stars for the immersive techniques and entertainment value. Watch "Nerve" movie trailer below. Enjoy!

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