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Movie Review: The Girl King

"The Girl King" is a film that deals more than just sexuality. It deals with religion, differences of ideas, politics, and wars (of nations and wars within ourselves).

The casting of the film was perfect. The setting, costume and set designs were believable. The emotional interplay between characters is felt in every scene. There is a fascinating way on how the film tries to show the audience the internal struggles of a young monarch, and how she kept herself in one piece one big decision after another. 

"The Girl King" is an eye opener on how different major forces in history tried to bend and mend the horrors of war and politics. A must see film for moviegoers who wants a refreshing view of historical film genre.

THE GIRL KING is the story of Sweden’s Queen Kristina, an enigmatic young woman who defied convention, challenged tradition and changed the course of history. Torn between reason and passion; between her female body and being raised as a prince; between the ancient and modern worlds and between the brilliance of her educated mind and the terror of the emotions she could not understand.

#TheGirlKing is now showing in select theaters in Metro Manila. Click here for schedule > http://bit.ly/1sK0MU5

A nine out of ten stars

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  1. This is a stunning movie. I am not sure if it is entirely historically accurate or not, but, it portrays a tumultuous time early in Sweden's transition from being pagan to being a pawn of the Pope and the followers of Luther. Sweden's Kristina has rocks for balls and if for no other reason than that, you have to watch this movie. I highly recommend this movie as a mom / mid-teenaged daughter snow day kind of thing. It does have mature themes, but, it's a Girl Power kind of movie.


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