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"Spotlight" Movie Review: Right On The Spot!

If you will have a newspaper column, what topic/s are you going to talk about? Will it do good to society? Will it rock someone else's cradle? Or will be just for another entertainment?

When I was in high school, I remember reciting four (4) way test rules while attending a Rotary Club International meeting somewhere along the Metro. These simple test rules are as follows:
  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it beneficial to all concerned?

More than 15 years later, I still recite it sometimes whenever I want to decide on something I felt like I have poor judgments to. Rule No. 3 may have not be applicable for the theme of the movie "Spotlight" but sure thing was, the rest of the rules perfectly fit the subject of the story.

"Spotlight" the movie is all about finding for the truth and what's keeping the truth from holding it back. Sometimes, when finding for the truth, we encounter several decisions along the way, which may affect the "goodwill" of some, but it can be beneficial to all and may bring better friendships, too! "Spotlight" just did that! The movie is all about seeking for the truth to the biggest sex scandals in Church history, and the "Spotlight" team doesn't really care if they are battling a colossal spiritual institution as long as the scandals be exposed to the public.

Simply said, "Spotlight" is an intelligent movie with seems to have a formula of a soap opera. The movie is quite long, and a bit boring on some parts, but that's okay. Sometimes, finding for the truth really takes time, but it's all worth the wait when you finally saw the silver lining. You'll get hooked, and then you'll let go, and then you'll get hooked, again. But after all the roller coaster of emotions, the truth will finally set us free.

"Spotlight" is right on target! The "Spotlight" team in the newspaper knew from the very start that they have to do it once and right, and the good news is, everything followed! A simple push to change can do good to anything, anyway, and this is what the Spotlight team believed in as they are doing their research on this sex scandal.

Anyway, the movie "Spotlight" is a serious drama with not so much human emotions, not even special effects. The actors who played their respective roles executed their acting skills on a regular level --- not so overacting and not so underacting as well. The director may have been inspired by the relatively controversial story and script of the film that he was doing, that is why you'll find the acting very natural, indeed. Well... maybe I'm a little uncomfortable for Mark Ruffalo's annoying fake accent. Gladly, there's Rachel McAdams to balance everything!

Overall, this controversial movie may have change the way you look at church leaders, however, finding the truth is more important than believing the truth that they wanted you to know. This is the moral of the movie "Spotlight". A 7 out of 10 stars because we feel the movie needs more improvement in catching the audience's attention and getting them hooked from what they are watching. See you again on the next movie review!

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