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"The Last WItch Hunter" Movie Review: Enjoyable Dark Fantasy But...

I know hardcore Vin Diesel fans out there would agree with me if I say that his latest action-adventure-fantasy film "The Last Witch Hunter" is enjoyable in terms of special effects and all those black magic witchcraft and may also agree with me if I point out that this movie lacks something when it comes to storytelling.

This dark-fantasy, witch-hunting themed movie could have been better if the filmmakers or the people behind the creative team who conceptualized the story put more reasons why Vin Diesel's Kaulder character during the medieval era, was hunting for the Witch Queen. I am guessing the Witch Queen killed Kaulder's wife and daughter, but maybe this was intentionally NOT revealed in the movie due to an anticipated second installment of the film.

"The Last Witch Hunter" movie tried not to reveal everything with just one movie, which left moviegoers with more cliffhanging why's and how's, instead of giving all the answers. Here are some of the thoughts and thought-provoking ideas that we got from watching Vin Diesel's latest movie, "The Last Witch Hunter" (WARNING: Spoilers may be revealed!):

  • What was the real reason why Kaulder and his team were hunting for the evil Witch Queen? Did she make a plague to a town that killed thousands of people? Or did she just kill Kaulder's wife and daughter?
  • What happened to Kaulder's life, the Witch council, the other evil witches, etc., during the past 800 years? Will these be revealed in the sequel if there will have any?
  • Why is there a "dream walker" witch? How come a dream walker enters the mind of a person with ease? How come Kaulder, who is so powerful that he can expel any witch attack, was easily penetrated by a dream walker?
  • Speaking of dream walkers, what are the other types of witches? Only the dream walkers were revealed the film and no other types of witches were mentioned? They should have mentioned that in the film because the information for whole types of witches is not complete! Hahaha!
  • Why and how was the baker chosen as the new body of the evil Witch Queen? That seems to be a very important information, however, this was not also not clear in the movie as to why or how this procedure was done.

Anyway,  I will not recommend the movie "The Last Witch Hunter" for kids, especially those below 10 years old, due to its dark plot, However, the overall entertainment of watching this movie has passed our expectations. YES, the overwhelming special effects are good, and NO, the movie lacks some notable information in the story. In the end, we give the movie "The Last Witch Hunter" a 7 out 10 star ratings.

"The Last Witch Hunter" starring Vin Diesel, Elijah Wood, Michael Cain and many more is now showing in the Philippines!

The Last Witch Hunter (2015)
R-13  |  106 min  |  Action, Adventure, Fantasy  | 

Our ratings: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
The Last Witch Hunter” Now Showing from Pioneeer Films.

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