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Movie Review: Before We Go

“Before We Go” is a sweet and  charming love story dealing with two strangers opening up their hearts and memories to each other. Nick Vaughan (Chris Evans), a trumpet playing street performer and Brooke Dalton (Alice Eve) met in a very unlikely place and reason in Manhattan train station.

Our thoughts on the film “Before We Go” 

The film gives you this overall vibe of similarity with the recent hit Filipino Film "That Thing Called Tadhana" which is also inspired from the masterpiece trilogy of director Richard Linklater (“Before Sunset,” “Before Sunrise” and “Before Midnight”).

The cinematography of the movie contains scenes that are a bit shaky and sometimes we felt uneasiness with the unstable camera angles.

• We enjoyed how the script was written. It felt as if we are just watching two regular people in a very surreal plot but in a very convincing mood.

Chris Evans (Nick Vaughan) has again showed us his side that we probably missed due to his current superhero roles in his recent films. A not so serious and lovable, cute guy with a good sense of humor character that balances the character portrayal of Alice Eve (Brooke Dalton) who is a worrisome and bothered lady.

• Both Nick and Alice's back stories and personalities develop as the plot progresses. It is a slow burning process but enjoyable in the end.

• The film also showed places in New York that are not usually used in major romantic films and it made the movie more interesting.

• The film focuses on how we tend to hold on and let go of the things that keeps us holding on and letting go.

Chris Evans steps off from his duties in saving the world and debuts as a director in the upcoming romantic, serendipitous movie “Before We Go.”  Drawing his inspiration from director Richard Linklater of the highly acclaimed films “Before Sunset,” “Before Sunrise” and “Before Midnight,” Evans also stars in “Before We Go” where two strangers meet at Grand Central Station and spent the night away contemplating on their current and uncertain future.

Chris Evans Debuts as Director in Charming Love Story “BEFORE WE GO”

Set in Manhattan, the story follows two strangers after their serendipitous meeting in Grand Central. Over the course of one night, they form an unlikely bond and the conflicts in their own lives become the basis for exploration into each other and themselves.   Evans stars as Nick Vaughan, a trumpet playing street performer who serendipitously met Brooke Dalton, played by Alice Eve, in Grand Central Station who got stranded in New York after she has been robbed.  Volunteering to make it through the night, the duo spend the wee hours wandering around the city embarking on a night of destiny.

Watch the official trailer of Chris Evans' Romantic Date Movie “BEFORE WE GO”here

Before We Go  (2015)
PG-13  |  89 min  |  Comedy, Drama, Romance  |  September 2 2015 (Philippines)

Our ratings: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Director: Chris Evans


Ronald Bass (screenplay) (as Ron Bass) & Jen Smolka (screenplay) and Chris Shafer(screenplay) & Paul Vicknair (screenplay)

Ronald Bass (story)  & Jen Smolka (story)

Stars: Chris Evans, Alice Eve, Emma Fitzpatrick

Chris Evans’ directorial debut in the romantic movie “Before We Go” wherein he also stars opposite Alice Eve starts showing at Ayala Malls Cinemas on September 2.

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