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Movie Review: Fantastic Four

Being one of the most anticipated superhero film of this year, the Fantastic Four Reboot is receiving mixed reviews. The hardcore comic fans are mostly unimpressed with the outcome of the reboot. Here are our thoughts about the film:

• We find the first part of the film very informative and it guides the audiences to the personal lives of the characters intimately. It would have worked better if it was shortened a little because some parts are longer than necessary.

• We already knew from the start that this would be a superhero film. Fantastic Four wouldn't be called in that name if they didn't deliver any fantastic scenes. Due to the current state of  action and fight-scene prowess seen in other superheroes' movies this film might have lacked the zest of an exhilarating battle sequences.

• The development done for the main villain of the film and the drastic redesign of Dr. Doom is not as impressive as expected. He possesses an angst against the Earth and humanity with no or little clear reason. And his power is vague (We still can't figure-out what exactly his powers was)

• There was an unsuccessful balance of the emotional part of the film and the action part. The minimal intergalactic battle scene did not homogenize the darkness of the theme that they presented and slow pacing of the story.

• The computer graphics and effects of the film is good though, if only it was partnered with a better narrative, it would have worked.

It has been announced that the sequel for the film is on the works. We all hope that they learned from the weaknesses of this film and the next one to be way better.

The new “Fantastic Four” sets an origin story wherein the four meet each other for the first time.  With Ben Grimm aka The Thing (Bell) and Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic (Teller) being best friends and Johnny (Jordan) and Sue (Mara) as siblings, the four eventually become superheroes over the course of the film.


In this year’s highly anticipated superhero film, “Fantastic Four” from 20th Century Fox, acclaimed filmmaker Josh Trank (Chronicle) directs a stunningly talented young cast in a new imagining of the iconic superhero family.  Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell star as, respectively, Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Sue Storm and Benjamin “Ben” Grimm.


Fantastic Four (2015) 
Our ratings: ★★★★★

PG-13  |  100 min  |  Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi  |  5 August 2015 (Philippines)

Director: Josh Trank
Writers: Jeremy Slater (screenplay), Simon Kinberg (screenplay), 
Josh Trank (screenplay), Stan Lee (Marvel comic book) and Jack Kirby (Marvel comic book)

Stars: Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, Toby Kebbell

Join “Fantastic Four” as they save the world from doomsday when it opens August 5 in cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.  Follow 20th Century Fox (Philippines) on Facebook for relevant updates.  

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