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Cinemalaya 2016 Official Full Length Movie Finalists

The 12th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival (Cinemalaya 2016) is already pumped up with its official full length movie entries for next year as early as this writing is concerned. There are some fans of the film festival were somehow asking why the Cinemalaya Foundation did not have a line up for this year's Cinemalaya's 11th year, where only the short film categories where shown.

Up until now, we are still clueless why this incident had to happen. But it's okay, because the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival is here to stay in 2016 with the release of next year's official full length movie category!

Cinemalaya 2016 Official Full Length Movie Finalists

During the Awards Night of the Cinemalaya 2015 at the CCP Little Theater last August 15, it was revealed by the Cinemalaya Foundation President Laurice Guillen and the Competition Chairman Mel Chionglo the official ten (10) finalists to the Cinemalaya 2016 Full Length Film Category Main Competition. Below are the official list in alphabetical order:

1. ANG BAGONG PAMILYA NI PONCHING – Inna Salazar (screenwriter) and Victor Villanueva (director)

2. ANG MGA BISITA NI MAMANG – Janice O’Hara (director) and Denise O’Hara (screenwriter)

3. DAGSIN (GRAVITY) – Atom Magadia (director)

4. HIBLANG ABO – Ralston Jover (director)

5. I AMERICA – Ivan Andrew Payawal (writer-director)

6. KUSINA – David Corpuz (director) and Cenon Palomares (screenwriter-director)

7. LANDO AT BUGOY – Vic Acedillo, Jr. (screenwriter-director)

8. MERCURY IS MINE – Jason Paul Laxamana (screenwriter-director)

9. PAMILYA ORDINARYO – Eduardo Roy, Jr. (screenwriter-director)

10. TUOS – Derick Cabrido (director)

It was also announced by the Cinemalaya Foundation Committee that starting this year, the film festival will be announcing the following year's full length finalists during the awards night ceremonies. Fans of the festivals will have a year to eagerly wait for the independent filmmakers to showcase their uniqueness through their indie masterpieces! Until the Cinemalaya 2016!

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