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Watch "The Revenant" Full Movie Trailer Teaser Starring Leonardo Di Caprio

Leonardo Di Caprio stars in an upcoming movie entitled "The Revenant", which is scheduled for release this Christmas season in the US. The movie "The Revenant" is from the critically-acclaimed "Birdman" director, Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu. Di Caprio's co-star is the equally fit and character actor, Tom Hardy.

"The Revenant" Summary / Plot / Synopsis

Hugh Glass (Leonardo Di Caprio) is a legendary explorer and fur trapper, whose typical day of hunting goes awry when he is mauled by a grizzly bear. Rather than take care of him, Glass' comrade and friend John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), opts to rob him and leave him for dead. In an effort to exact his revenge, Glass treks over 3000 miles of the American wilderness to hunt his friend and pay what he deserves the most.

From the looks of it, the movie seems very promising in terms of cinematography, set design, and feel of the setting and timeline. The intense look and acting of Leonardo Di Caprio are the things that have captured our attention to see the movie trailer. Will our guy Leonardo Di Caprio finally have the much-awaited OSCARS' nod? Let's see how this story unfolds soon on the big screen.

It is not clear though if this movie is a remake of the 1970's film "Man in the Wilderness", which starred Richard Harris. Perhaps "The Revenant" is another version of the film in the eyes of Director Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu. 

"The story is inspired by true events about the ex-soldier, hunter, and trapper named Hugh Glass, who is betrayed by his own men and left for dead, but this is a father and son story. I wanted to explore the adventure of a man who survived the unimaginable through a long exterior journey to seek revenge and an inner journey to understand and recover all that he has lost. What comes after revenge? I wanted to tell the story without relying on special effects. I spent five years searching for the most powerful and unexplored landscapes, where we shot using only natural light in real time long shots on the rocky terrain of the remote wilderness of Canada, for a long period of time to evoke a very visceral response for the viewers," shared by director Iñárritu

"The Revenant" is scheduled to be released in the US this December, and perhaps, it will be shown in the Philippines by mid-January or first week of February 2016, before the OSCARS' Awards Night happening anytime in February. For now, watch "The Revenant" full movie trailer teaser below. "The Revenant" is from 20th Century Fox.

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