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Movie review: Fabien Garcia's "Die Fighting"

The film "Die Fighting" is not your conventional action film. The film started with a premise that everything was just a camcorded event and it gets better when the main actors were forced into a reality movie where they are needed to follow the orders of an unknown man that sees their every move. The way the instructions were given to the group of actors were a little similar to the movie "SAW" and "Big Brother" (the reality TV show).

“DIE FIGHTING” Intros New Breed Martial Arts Stas Minus Camera Tricks

"Die Fighting" started a little exciting compared to other mainstream action movies but it gets better as it reach the climax. The fight scenes in the film is very impressive and most of it felt very real, and professionally choreographed.

In “Die Fighting,” a team of Shaolin-trained kung fu actors are about to make their big break in Hollywood when a shady director forces them through a gauntlet in Los Angeles, forcing them to act and react in a brutal action reality movie, filming their every move as they are pitted against a gallery of thugs.  To make their way out of the movie and keep their families alive, they must face every death-defying challenge the director throws at them or be killed in the filming process. 

Unprecedented Action Unveils in Martial Arts Film “DIE FIGHTING”

A dark filmmaker's game culminating into a shocking ending which reveals just how high the price of success is.

Martial Artists Trapped in Brutal Reality Film in “DIE FIGHTING”

Die Fighting 
110 min  |  Action, Thriller 

Our ratings: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

Director: Fabien Garcia
Writer: Fabien Garcia
Stars: Fabien Garcia, Laurent Buson, Didier Buson

“Die Fighting” will open July 15 in cinemas from Crystalsky Multimedia. 

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