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The Sizzling New Trailer for 'Magic Mike XXL', a Sequel Worth Watching

When Magic Mike landed in 2012, those who dismissed it as "that film about male strippers" missed out an a surprisingly original plot and Matthew in the early stages of his McConnaisance. This wasn't some sordid film about stripping. It was about what those characters dealt with when they weren't taking their shirts off. Okay, it was also about Channing Tatum stripping.

Newest Magic Mike XXL Posters Released!

Judging from the trailer, the sequel Magic Mike XXL will have a lot to do with the removal of clothes, prompting women everywhere to ask their boyfriends and husbands "why don't you look like that?"

"Channing Tatum is an actor," you'll grumble. "He gets paid to look like that. I'd look like that too if it was my job."

She'll begrdugingly acquiesce - it will seem so, anyway - but it will be too late. The double standard for men and women's bodies will be irreparably destroyed. No longer will the lovably pudgy Jon Hamm DadBod reign supreme, safeguarding men's rights to drink copious amounts of beer and only workout sometimes. Reinstated in it's place will be the new "equally impossible standard", held on a pedestal for both men and women to assess their partners by. Enjoy.

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