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Movie Review: "Child 44” - “There is no crime in Paradise.”

“There is no crime in Paradise.” A statement that was mentioned several times in Child 44 that would stick to the viewers mind. The film takes you back to Soviet Russia in the time of Stalin where ideals and realities are bent by the governing power. There is a high-realistic approach given to the cinematography of the film. The camera angles and framing seems to appeal as if you are a by stander peeking through the life of other people from a distance. The emotional roller coaster that is brought by the film is intense and nerve-wrecking. The development of characters individually is at the right pace for the viewers to imagine being in the characters shoes. The first part of the film has the "Inglourious Basterds" feel and some parts seems to have the "Kill Bill" treatment.

“Child 44” tells the story of a man fighting to reclaim his humanity from a system that requires him to sacrifice in order to survive.  Set at the backdrop of Soviet Russia circa 1950, the movie further chronicles the crisis of conscience for secret police agent Leo Demidov (Tom Hardy), who loses status, power and home when he refuses to denounce his own wife, Raisa (Noomi Rapace), as a traitor. Exiled from Moscow to a grim provincial outpost, Leo and Raisa join forces with General Mikhail Nesterov (Gary Oldman) to track down a serial killer who preys on young boys. Their quest for justice threatens a system-wide cover-up enforced by Leo’s psychopathic rival Vasili (Joel Kinnaman), who insists “There is no crime in Paradise.”

A sumptuous period thriller encompassing themes of power, love, betrayal and murder, “Child 44” is novelist Tom Rob Smith’s fictionalized version of the grisly case that was met with resounding critical and popular acclaim upon publication in 1998.  Real-life serial killer Andrei Chikatilo, also known as “The Butcher of Rostov,” was convicted of murdering and mutilating 52 women and children in Soviet Russia in the early 1950s.

“CHILD 44” Based on the Crimes of Real-Life Serial Killer Andrei Chikatilo

“Child 44” casts a very impressive set of actors ever assembled on screen led by Tom Hardy and  Gary Oldman along with Noomi Rapace, Vince Cassel, Joel Kinnaman and Jason Clarke, the movie is based on author Tom Rob Smith’s best-selling novel “Child 44” set against the backdrop of 1953 Stalinist Russia.            

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