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Character Posters for Dreamworks' Home Released

Home is an upcoming American 3D computer-animated buddy comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox. It is based on the 2007 Adam Rex's children's book The True Meaning of Smekday and stars Rihanna, Jim Parsons, Steve Martin, and Jennifer Lopez. Tim Johnson is the director, and Chris Jenkins and Suzanne Buirgy are the producers of the film, adapted by Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember. The film is scheduled to be released on March 27, 2015

Watch DreamWorks' HOME - Official Trailer here.

See the Character Posters for Dreamworks' Home below:

Meet Oh - a smart and hard-working Boov who loves doing things on his own. Sometimes he feels more human than Boov, which makes him a bit of an outcast.

Gratuity “Tip” Tucci is a tough, smart, and fearless girl. Since all humans (including Tip's mother) have been rounded up and relocated by the Boov, Tip has been living alone... until she bumps into Oh.

Pig is Tip's cat (yes, you read that correctly). Always by Tip's side, he's the purrr-fect companion.

Captain Smek - aka "The Wise/Brave/Amazing/Brave/Fashion-Forward Captain Smek" - is the leader of the Boov. He loves always being right as well as naming things after himself.

Kyle is a long-suffering Boov Traffic Cop - who was recently tasked by Captain Smek to hunt down Oh!

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