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Watch "English Only, Please" (MMFF 2014) Full Movie Trailer

The full movie trailer of one of the entries to the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF 2014) entitled, "English Only, Please" is recently released and we have them here posted for you. The movie stars the Derek Ramsay and Jennylyn Mercado

"English Only, Please" Summary/Synopsis/Plot

Julian (played by Derek Ramsay) is on the look for a translator who knows how to translate English to Filipino to teach him the language for certain reasons. After several interviews, he hired Tere (played by Jennylyn Mercado) to teach him Filipino. Along the way, Tere and Julian become friends who tell each other's love relationship, which in turn are very unfortunate. Towards the end, Tere falls for Julian, but it seems like Julian is back with his ex-girlfriend (played by Isabel Oli) -- the very reason why he hired a Tere. 

The movie "English Only, Please" is directed by Dan Villegas and written by Antoinette Jadaone, the director of the recently blockbuster hit movie, "Beauty in a Bottle." Tom Rodriguez and Isabel Oli have a special participation in this movie. 

"English Only, Please" is one of the official movie entries to the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF 2014), which will be showing on December 25, 2014. Below is the full movie trailer of "English Only, Please." Enjoy!

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  1. Film allows us to explore the complexities of the human situation. Sometimes that exploration takes place in the dramatic but sometimes it happens to be funny.


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