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"Blood Ransom" Starring Anne Curtis and Alexander Dreymon Official Movie Trailer and Information

The official movie trailer to Anne Curtis' first Hollywood movie entitled, "Blood Ransom" is recently released and we have here posted below. Below is also the summary/synopsis/plot for "Blood Ransom."

"Blood Ransom" Summary/Synopsis/Plot

When Jeremiah is caught in the middle of an ill-fated plot to kidnap Crystal, his boss Roman's beautiful young girlfriend, Roman unleashes the psychopath, Bill, to hunt Jeremiah down. But when Crystal refuses Jeremiah’s offer to return her to Roman, Jeremiah and Crystal begin a dangerous love affair on the run. And with every hour they’re together, a darker deeper secret burns within Crystal—something even more sinister than the killer who is after them.

"Blood Ransom" opens in Philippine cinemas on October 29, 2014 and in North America Cinemas on October 31, 2014. Below is the official full movie trailer of "Blood Ransom" starring Anne Curtis, Caleb Hunt, and Alexander Dreymon. The film is directed by Francis Dela Torre.

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