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These "The Babadook" Movie Trailers Will Bring Out The Creeps In You

There is an upcoming horror movie from Australian director Jennifer Kent that caught the attention of Hollywood and will be showing in the coming months in Australia and the US. The horror movie, "The Babadook" stars Essie Davis and child actor, Noah Wiseman in this twisted tale of children storybook.

"The Babadook" Synopsis/Summary/Plot

"The Babadook" is about the story of Amelia (Essie Davis) who is recovering from a violent death of her husband that happened six years earlier. Her wild six year-old son, Samuel (Noah Wiseman), is also a burden to her emotional struggles while her son was imagining a terrifying monster in their house. This is when "The Babadook," a freaky storybook, find its way to their doorstep one day. It is about the exact same monster as in Amelia's son's mind. The creeps happens when everything on the book seems to become real... or is it Amelia's imagination after all?

"The Babadook" Movie Trailers

I have seen two versions of "The Babadook" movie trailers, the US trailer and the UK trailer version. Below are the said movie trailers. I think the UK version is much better. What do you think guys?

"The Babadook" US Trailer

"The Babadook" UK Trailer

"The Babadook" will debut in the UK at FrightFest before hitting the movie theaters release on October 24. I do hope local movie producers will pick this up for the Philippine release of this horror movie.

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