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Movie Review: "Earth to Echo" an adventure beyond expectations

One of the fun and family-friendly movie to watch-out for is "Earth to Echo". The film would probably remind you of Spielberg's E.T. due to the similarities of the theme but this movie is a must-see on its own right. The cinematography of the film allows the audience to take part of the story by giving a first person view in most of the scenes. It is as if we are the one filming and broadcasting the clips using the handheld video camera and spy eye glasses. The raw feel of the shots similar to an amateur video-blogger footage adds up to the thrill and over-all effect of "Earth to Echo". Echo the very cute extra-terrestrial of the film is unique in his own way and would surely make your heart melt. 

An inspiring science-fiction adventure, Earth to Echo captures all the mystery, excitement and wonder of an extraterrestrial occurrence in a small Nevada suburb.  But at its heart, the movie is about friendship. Our three young heroes – Tuck, Munch and Alex – are a closely bonded trio of outcasts, whose time together is coming to an end.  Their neighborhood is being destroyed by a highway construction project; forcing their families to move away.  Only the promise of one last thrill together – a journey into the desert to search for the source of strange and mysterious messages that have appeared on their cell phones –can distract them from their impending move.  The movie is really about this group of kids and how they have to say goodbye to each other,” says director Dave Green.  “There’s something bittersweet about the fact they’re spending their last night together.  But is goodbye really goodbye?  In our movie, it’s not.  It’s a beginning.”

The movie started a little ordinary but it slowly developed intensity as the characters are introduced one by one. I love how the plot gives you an overview of what to expect in a film and suddenly it invites you to solve a mystery within the film. My favorite character was Munch because I kinda relate to some of his misdemeanors and weird reactions. The computer graphics used in this film will remind you of the first 3D Transformers movie (Freakin' awesome!). I love how the simplicity of the dialogues, innocence in the cast and the touching plot was gently weaved in this wonderful story of friendship that breaks the bounds of differences. 

"Earth to Echo" is a great movie to watch that your family would surely enjoy. Join Tuck, munch, Alex and Echo in this remarkable adventure that surely would make your heart jump and melt several times. "Earth to Echo" will hit your favorite cinemas in July 9, 2014!

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