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Marvel Studios reveals 'Ant-Man' Comic-Con poster

Feast your compound eyes on this: an exclusive look at an Ant-Man image that Marvel Studios will be sharing this weekend at Comic-Con.

The illustration is a piece of pre-production concept art specifically made for San Diego Comic-Con, which kicks off Wednesday night. So expect to see the movie heavily showcased on Saturday in Marvel's always bombastic presentation.

It hasn't been an easy couple of months for Ant-Man. Production was expected to be underway already, but director and co-writer Edgar Wright jaw-droppingly dropped out of the production after eight years of labor on the project.
After some rudderless weeks, Marvel signed Peyton Reed (The Break-UpBring It On) to direct the story of a hero who can shrink to tiny sizes while still packing a heavyweight punch. Adam McKay, a writer-director best known for the Anchorman movies, also signed up to rewrite the script by Wright and Joe Cornish (Attack the Block.)

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